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Four years ago this blog first published details of an interview with five victims, who alleged Alex Proud regularly assaulted them at Proud’s Camden venue.

From there, multiple and separate sources have contacted The Secret Bartender, some from his inner circle to confirm that the stories of assault on an endemic scale were true, others to report their own experience of Alex Proud’s degrading behaviour.

Below is a page from a transcript of an interview recorded in late 2014. We are publishing this as a rebuttal to the claims by Mr Proud’s lawyer, that he is a ‘professional with good standing in the community’.

Just one page from one of a total of six interviews conducted at the time of our initial investigation.

Aside from that, the regular emails regarding his poor business practices, refusal to pay staff and constant verbal abuse arrive in my inbox on a near weekly basis.

Today however something new arrived. An email from a solicitor claiming that Mr. Proud is ‘a professional, with a good standing in the community.’

I therefore thought it would be only appropriate to remind Mr. Proud of some of the reports recorded by The Secret Bartender, which seem to be more accurate in demonstrating his character, than the claims made by his lawyer.

Despite his public profile, regularly appearing on talk radio, television and writing for national newspapers, Alex Proud has not once offered a word of contrition with regard to the wake of destruction left in his path.

Despite having the time to organise a legal team to make efforts to have this blog removed, not once has he sought to take responsibility for his actions.

Despite claiming to be the model of a liberal conservative, a friend of the gay community, a pillar of London’s progressive and forward thinking social scene, never has this man been prepared to say: ‘Hey you know what, I’ve been a horrible slime, and I think we should talk about it.’

When Alex Proud sees fit to come forwards and acknowledge the suffering of his many silent victims, when Alex Proud steps up and admits that it is time for change, then maybe these posts can be removed.

There are now several national news agencies investigating the allegations against Mr. Proud. Indeed the atmosphere across industries that harbour predators like him has sharpened considerably since I first published information regarding his behaviour.

Many news outlets, such as buzzfeed, are actively searching industries for the victims of such men. Perhaps this is why Alex Proud is now trying to have this information removed from the internet, before it’s cumulative effect forces him to publicly confront his own behaviour.

A message for Mr. Proud’s legal team: I have no plan to remove any of the information regarding the incidents of assault documented on this blog. As long as I believe that the accusations are true, and as long as people are prepared to discuss his predatory behaviour, I will continue to record what victims have to say and publish it here. It is my firmly held belief that it is in the public interest that victims are given a voice, and for there to be a record of what is alleged to have happened, in the public domain.

Finally, I think that if you did go to court in an effort to have this website taken down, the media coverage of such an event would finally give a platform to the people you have harassed and tried to silence, proving my public interest defence.