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Heir line.

Britain’s ruling bloodline has this month raised the profile of it’s preferred primary colour, reminding the nations public of the special bond shared between those in power and the colour blue.

The colour, seen frolicking in the British countryside with some of those in line to the throne was happy to reaffirm it’s connection to the crown. Blue commented,

“It was great to get the call. Knowing I’m associated with winners like this, when greens, reds and yellows tend to win fuck all.”

The colour blue is a huge part of royal family life, “You need it in your blood or you won’t get a look in”, said George, “I’m set.”

Royalty free image.

Royalty free image.

The effects of Blue’s connotations when used over several centuries are purported by palace insiders to have a calming effect on the masses, delaying and subduing any notions of regicide the populace experience.

Often adjoined by the words ‘Royal’, ‘Regal’, ‘Naval’ and ‘Blood’, Blue has enjoyed sponsorship from the royal family since time immemorial, however it hasn’t always been plain sailing.The post WW2 campaign gave rise to a surge in support for Red, and left some Royals flushed.

I like it too George but I don’t think it’s gonna fly.

The Duke of Edinburgh, a big Peter Kay fan, has in the past polluted the brand with his own unauthorised blue outbursts. In recent times however these releases have been incorporated into the long term media campaign.

Prince Andrew was also infamously banned from using the colour last year after it was revealed he loves hanging out with billionaire peadophile Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of York claims this cannot in any way be ‘Blue’ behaviour as it is in fact beyond the pale.